Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Holiday Mood ..

Holidays are always fun... !!!!!!!!

Enjoy Holidays....

From The Beach Shot

Look at your back... yes ......

Its a view of Coconut fields, Poovar river ... Beach sands.....

Some snaps of a resort also view in far...

Clouds are ready to deliver ...

Coconut Fields in one sides, Sea faces the river and Clouds are ready to deliver the rain drops to the banks of Poovar.... Its the beauty... Its the fantastic feeling.. Its amazing... Cool.....!!!!!!!!!!

Another Snap of Rain Clouds

See the beauty of Rain clouds , End of Poovar River , Point at which the River meets Sea.

Beauty Of Rain In Poovar Beach

Rain in kerala is a special beauty.

The skies turn almost black. Heavy clouds loom in ominous silence over the tree tops for an interminably long time before they burst forth in rain. It hits the earth with an unbelievable force, almost physically beating up the shrubs and washing the trees clean of the dusty summer. The monsoon season in Kerala is beginning to be a great tourist attraction. It is a wonderful sight to see the rain come pouring down as you sit in the safety of your houseboat, in splendid isolation in the middle of a lagoon or a river.Its what a difference in Poovar. Enjoy the beauty of rain.

Play time at the beach

Usually on holiday evenings, beach is very rush and people entertained several games.

One of the Holiday mood...

Poovar Meets Its Sea ..

Look at the point , at which the Poovar river meets sea; where the salt water from the sea and the fresh water from the rivers meet and mix. Its so beautiful at the time 7 - 7.30. Its bluesh cool colour.